Giants of the retail sector, ÜÇGE and DIGI took a strategic step ahead

ÜÇGE, which is one of the leading companies in the world in the field of shopfitting equipments and shelving systems, and DIGI, which is the Japanese electronic Giant  that is the leader  in the world in the field of retail industrial otomation and sets the new standards in the sector with it’s innovation based enhanced technology,made a desicion of strategic cooperation.

Within this partnership, ÜÇGE; amongst with the other brands they represent, will also carry the distributor flag within the Turkish market exclusively for the whole product range of DIGI.


The partnership agreement has been signed by ÜÇGE Chairman Gökçin Aras and Teraoka Seiko Chairman Kazuharu Teraoka at ÜÇGE BOSB Head Quarters. The agreement between the companies ÜÇGE, amongst the numbered pioneer companies around the world with retail store equipment and shelving systems and Teraoka Seiko, weighing and labeling equipment manufacturer that are built based on quality and reliability.

Gökçin Aras has made a statement for the partnership that is valid from 4 May 2018. “As ÜÇGE, our partnership with DIGI is important for the evolution of retail sector in Turkey. As you already know, we have been serving to Turkish retail sector for 41 years. We are a solution partner to the Turkish retail by our store equipment, shelving systems, electronics, e-commerce and sectoral publishing and organizations. As a hundred percent domestic capital company, we are proud to be a pioneer and innovator for the evolution of sector and a contributor to the country economics.

With a developing organizational framework of eight companies serving to the retail sector, ÜÇGE Elektronik as one of them is serving to retail electronics infrastructure for twenty-five years. With a collateral approach to the evolution of retail sector, our intention is to present and serve the most suitable solutions by analyzing and corresponding in the right direction within the quality/benefit/pricing balance. We have decided a strategic partnership with DIGI in order to respond to the emerging and divergent demands of retail sector in the right and exhaustive approach within the expanding corporate targets. Under ÜÇGE Group framework, our companies and units will be serving to the retail sector with where it is needed.”

Teraoka Seiko Chairman Kazuharu Teraoka stated that he is very pleased with his strategic partnership with ÜÇGE and said, "ÜÇGE is the world's first company who had industrialized the retail shelf system at the time when shelves were handmade individually, which has made  ÜÇGE  to be the market leader is this category.  This approach is very similar to Teraoka/DIGI. We developed the world first electronic scale in 1965, and have been launching a serial innovations  in the solution for the retail and food industries . DIGI is also the world leader in our business domain. The corporate culture and chemistry of both companies are very close. We are very strong with customer oriented approaches.  We both are leading the market by our own technologies.  I do believe this collaboration is the best combination we can have, and I am sure that our cooperation will deliver the highest value to our customers to step up their business and to cope with their challenges. "he said.