ÜÇGE, amongst the numerous sector leaders of the world within store equipment and shelving&storage systems, celebrated its 41st year with more than 700 of co-workers in a proud organization held at Bursa Podyum Davet. The Chairman of the Board of Directors Gökçin Aras said "with the help of the power we acquire from our co-workers and the innovative vision we obtain, we are moving forward through our target of being a world leader with a great acceleration."

Following the first steps since 1976 and becoming among the numerous brands all around the world, ÜÇGE has celebrated the 41st year with more than 700 co-workers at Bursa Podyum Davet. Gökçin Aras has remarked that he still maintains his excitement and energy even after 41 years, in the opening speech for the night. "We celebrate the 41st year in the sector. Throughout the years, we are proud to be one amongst the world leaders. Since the day ÜÇGE was established, with our technology, products of store equipments and shelving&storage systems and investments, we became a pioneer to remark our signature. Today, as we are \%100 Turkish capital firm, we have successfully left our signature within the stores of world leader brands. Our 60 member staff in R&D department, works consistently on projects with innovative production mentality. We continue to be the pioneer in storage equipments sector with a signature to build the first and only 32 meters of shelving&storage system. We are amongst the most innovative firms in Bursa and Turkey. We are proud to announce that ÜÇGE partakes in the first 250 in Bursa, the first 500 in Anatolian Tigers List and we are the first and the only firm within the sector to enter the 2015 Leaderboards of Exporter Firms in Turkey. For a sustainable future, we have obtained a nature-friendly system within our manufacturing process and products. ÜÇGE has always been a firm to add value to Bursa and to Turkey's economy. Furthermore, carrying out the company's priorities of social responsibility projects in the scope of education, culture and art. This value has been created by our labor force. Our vision is to become a world leader in the sector, which we will try to achieve with the most of our workforce" said Gökçin Aras.

The current and the former employees have celebrated the 41st year program with their families throughout the night as the program started with the 41 year success history video of ÜÇGE and followed with the latin dance show. The special symbol of the night; 41st Year Cake of ÜÇGE, was cut by the manufacturing plant women co-workers and Gökçin Aras. "Women are always our priority. We care much about their take-part in business life" said Gökçin Aras.

Co-workers of ÜÇGE took part in raffles where they won precious gifts later on.

Mehmet Erdem was on the stage with his popular songs for the night. The family of ÜÇGE have celebrated the 41st year of the company with entitled enthusiasm until the late hours of the night.