Üçge's April 23 Painting Competition Is Conclued

Üçge, in the Feast of 23 April National Sovereignty and Children which was gifted by the Great Leader Atatürk, organized the 5th painting competition for the chlidren of it’s employess with the Peace at home Peace in the World theme.

According to the result of the competition;

Reyhan Nilüfer Samast, 10 years old, the daughter of Ergün Samast who workes in Checkout department, has won the first place, Gizem Buran, 9 years old, the daugher of Vedat Buran who workes in powdercoating department, has won the second place, Zeynep Taşkın, 8 years old, the daughter of Ümit Taşkın who workes in welding department in DRS, has won the third place, Muharrem Kaba, 9 years old, the son of Halil Kaba who workes in powdercoating department and Gülse Kolay, 4 years old, the daughter of Samet Kolay who workes in Finance Department, have won the Mansion Gifts.