ÜÇGEZGİN celebrated MAY 19 effusively

ÜÇGEZGİN which was Founded in 2014 as Outdoor Sports, influence with successive events. ÜÇGEZGİN was a great success with climbing Turkey's fourth highest mountain at 3937 meters altitude Kaçkars at the end of last year .ÜÇGEZGİN TEAM come together on special and significant days , prefered BÜYÜKADA the Great Leader Atatürk's youth as a gift by the May 19 Youth and Sports Day. 21 people (from ÜÇGE Bursa and İSTANBUL regional Office) participated the event which was organised as May 19 march.Totally 16 km walking , has been successfully completed with a day at the intertwined with nature.

ÜÇGEZGİN President Asli Aydin informed that they will set a new express routes with large target and explained also formation and vision of ÜÇGEZGİN;

“ÜÇGEZGİN,it can be known from its name, is a organisation on field outdoor sports. This study is a completely different and broad participation rather than traditional methods. Our group of companies have a terrific motto. 'actually you see us everywhere' and it is true. People are with ÜÇGE in the store, the grocery, the pharmacy, the goods, stationery, building on the market, boutique, the cobbler, the storage system. Indeed ,with this mind we set our our basic philosophy of 'higher ... stronger ... faster ...' many years ago. Does not coincide with the spirit of ÜÇGEZGİN? we are doing our extreme sports at sea level, in the upcoming summit of the mountain to the sky acting in the same sense. Our extroverted and introverted overlap with each other it is our basic message.”