Üçge Takes Firm Steps Forward In 2015

Üçge Bursa ve İstanbul Region Marketing&Sales Team, got together to evaluate the first quarter of 2015 in Üçge BOSAB Main Facility. One of the few leader firms in Shopfitting equipments sector, Üçge signalled to keep growing in 2015.

Üçge Shopfitting Systems A.Ş. General Manager Esra Güven Altınkaya declared in her speech that they achieved 10\% growth in 2014 compared to the previous year. Altınkaya stated “We achieved our aims with a steady growth in the first quarter of 2015. We also started working with the professional consultants on working plans that provide the most efficient coordination between marketing&sales and production. In this case, we will increase the service quality we provide to our customers.”

After expressing the realized sales percentage as 50\% in foreign market 50\% in domestic market Altınkaya continued “Each year we improve determining the strategies that will make our performance higher than the previous year. We have the responsibility not only as a marketing equipment- shelving sector leader in domestic market, but also as one of the leader firms of the world in the global market. We have the structure that guides the customers, creates projects for them, manipulates them to innovations with different points of view, which is one of our important liabilities. This is our impetus that makes us progress by raising the bar.

Referring the importance of shopfitting equipments for the brands Altınkaya stated “The product-service quality and location importance increase more and more in the growing number of retail stores. However, this is not enough. The customer expectations also went up in visual merchandising. Shopfitting equipment design that increase the customer perception by creating productive tunnel effect and contribute the brand image and profitability is very important especially in food retail. In other words, the brands that can differenciate themselves with other factors will always be a step ahead.