With its new products and solutions developed in the field of new technology, store equipment and shelf systems, UÇGE became the focus of the world retail industry in Euroshop 2017, the biggest trade fair of the retail sector. ÜÇGE has once again been proud of its trademark as a global brand with its production, quality and design power at its 400 square meter giant stand. Having realized very important negotiations with national and international retail companies at Euroshop, ÜÇGE is preparing to sign big projects in 2017.


This year at Euroshop, the biggest trade fair in the retail sector, there were 2,368 companies from 61 countries in the net exhibition area of ​​128 thousand square meters and more than 113.000 visitors attended the fair.


ÜÇGE General Manager Esra Güven, who stated that they have had a successful exhibition, evaluated this fair as follows:

"At Euroshop we have come to the forefront with the power of our products"


“We are the first Turkish company to participate in EuroShop organized in 1993 and we are in the fair with our unceasing participant identity. With our new solutions for the retail sector in this 400m2 stand, we have welcomed potential customers as well as our current customers. Scientific studies on consumer behaviour and expectations in stores have also reflected on the development process of our products.


In the light of these studies, we set out the product segment very well according to customer and market expectations. Moreover, while many companies were mostly on the front panel with stand visibility, we came to the forefront with our stand offering our products a powerful and spacious atmosphere. With our dynamic team, we welcomed all of our customers with Turkish tea and Turkish coffee buffet. The atmosphere we got is very appreciated.



“We collaborated with Turkish brands and created a supermarket atmosphere”

“In addition, our collaboration with Turkish brands has added a different atmosphere and color in fair. In this project; Uludağ İçecek, Penguen Gıda and Doğuş Çay products, which are among the most important brands of the industry, took place in our shelves and much more showed the functions of our new shelf systems. We welcomed our visitors in the atmosphere of a supermarket ready for opening.”


“Finally, we can express it clearly; We are one of the few companies in the world who produce turnkey projects in the retail sector. And again as a 100\% domestic-funded company that equips stores of world brands, we once again feel and proud of this power, with the interest we see in the fair. We conducted intensive negotiations from the beginning to the end of the fair, which lasted five days in total. For this reason, as a team of UÇGE, we have returned with many cooperation opportunities from EuroShop”


Güven says that as a new development, the settlement in Germany is about to be completed. Thats why, as a company exporting to 90 countries, in the retail sector has expressed that they will also be in Germany to be able to reach and serve on the international platform more easily.