Meet the New Brand of ÜÇGE, iCu!
Montag, 25. Januar 2021

ÜÇGE who aims to create a safe contact area in our daily life while our living standards and normals are changing;introduces you to its new brand iCu.

ÜÇGE Marketing Sales Manager Murat Kurtçu told the story of the birth of the iCu brand and introduced the launch product:
With the pandemic process, the search for new alternatives and tendencies in the field of hygiene has increased. With this sense of responsibility, we focused on projects for public health and the hygienic product brand iCu, developed by ÜÇGE with an innovative approach, emerged.

As a company serving the retail industry, we have seen in our surveys and researches that shopping carts are the most anxious contact points for people in shopping stores. Based on this, we have implemented the launch product of the iCu brand on the handles of shopping trolleys.

Generally, we are exposed to many viruses, bacteria and microbes that spread easily by touch in areas with high circulation and common contact, such as health facilities, hospitals, markets and stores, hotels, schools, private and public institutions, public transportation vehicles. We tend to use chemical disinfectants intensely or we have to contact them in some way.

The special alloy used in our iCu branded products starts killing even the most dangerous microbials formed by human contact instantly and every minute of contact, it increasingly supports the destruction of 99.9% of them within 2 hours.

Our products with the iCu brand are manufactured using Antimicrobial Metals class alloys that comply with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. iCu is also our registered trademark, whose products have been tested and certified in the university laboratory.

The investment to be made by businesses with products with the iCu brand will provide added value as an investment that will support brand image and loyalty, especially within the scope of social responsibility for public health.
We will soon begin to see and experience our products, which attract great attention from our customers, in shopping stores and iCu products will be providedto our customers with production flexibility, product variety and advantageous prices.