BİM Opened Their First File, Chosing Üçge For Their Equipment

BİM is among the biggest retailer companies worldwide, the Turkish brand BİM presents different concepts to their customers, one of them being their new chain File. This chain was opened in İstanbul Bahçeşehir Presitge Mall AVM and they chose Üçge for their store equipment and their shelving systems.

BİM united stores have 4500 stores spread out through Turkey. BİM created a new supermarket model named File. On average 1000 square meters includes a bakery section as well as the fresh fruit and vegetable section, butcher, and cosmetic section ; 3500 products are awaiting the consumers. The File store that opened in İstanbul Bahçeşehir Prestige Mall AVM caused deep interest and their first day sales number was outstandingly high. The goal for 2015 is to open 10 stores within İstanbul.