The Joint Evolution Congress which was organized by the Food Retailers Association (GPD), was held at Grand Levent Istanbul this year. The shelving System and Store Concept of “Evolution Market” which is implemented for the first time, has the signature of ÜÇGE.

GPD, which makes 105 billion TL turnover and creates over 300 thousands employment on 35 thousand sales point according to 2016 statistics, organized the Joint Evolution Congrees on Oct 10th for the 4th time with the theme of “Created Value by Retail.” The congress attracted great attention like the previous ones with more than 800 retailers and suppliers.

“Evolution Market”, which was created with the cooperation of ÜÇGE and GPD, was the most interesting part of the congress. A real market atmosphere is created with the help of products by main sponsors Coca Cola, P&G, PepsiCo and Unilever and local producers and their products. The store concept and shelving system of Evolution Market had the signature of ÜÇGE in the congress which gathered the retail leaders.

Esra Güven, General Manager of ÜÇGE Shopfitting&Design, emphasized that ÜÇGE focused on developing their projects that can create added-value to retail sector as pioneer company of the sector. Güven gave some information about the concept and said: “No exhibition area has been set as a whole in any organization until today. First study was implemented professionally with “Evolution Market”concept by GPD and ÜÇGE. We made “Evolution Market” actual with ÜÇGE’s patented and new generation shelf system: “Saturn Concept”. Saturn Concept attracted great attention in “Evolution Market” which was created by ÜÇGE’s high-tech investments and R&D studies. In this concept, we revealed how to highlight products instead of shelfs and how this system creates product perception on consumers. With this system, we provide high quality products and also reflection as an advantage on store investment cost of our clients. Saturn Concept creates a difference comparing with the standard shelving sytem, with it’s angled shelfs that covers the columns, space efficiency with different depth and width options as well as aesthetic and functional display.