Freitag, 2. November 2018

ÜÇGE who is one of the few companies in the world in shopfitting equipments and storage shelving systems and always implementing the firsts in it’s sector became the first and only R&D Center in the sector in Turkey.

ÜÇGE who is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology as a R&D Center, showed it’s innovative power and systematic development in world standards once again.

With its 42 years of experience, ÜÇGE, the long-established company in the store equipment and warehouse racking systems sector, will continue to carry on it’s technology and innovation investments systematically under the roof of R&D Center. 40 professionals that work in the R&D center create ideas, design and develop projects for developing the sector and improve the competitiveness of Turkey in global market

“The firsts of the sector carry the signature of ÜÇGE”

ÜÇGE Shopfitting&Design General Manager ESRA GÜVEN indicated that they are proud of being the first and only R&D Center in Turkey and underlines that ÜÇGE, since it’s foundation, the company has been integrating with it’s firsts in it’s sector, always developing projects in the field of production, technology, R&D, innovation and patent, producing innovative products and directing it’s profits to new investments that will improve the sector.

“Our international competitive advantage comes from our innovation power”

GÜVEN states that major brands of the world's retail sector, as well as local and national brands, prefer ÜÇGE in shopfitting equipments and shelving systems and emphasized that ÜÇGE's international competitive advantage comes from the strength of innovation. Güven also mentioned “The state has important support for companies in technology, R&D and patent studies. Every company should develop themselves by taking advantage of these supports. Efforts should be made to focus on technology and R&D projects and to become a brand by moving away from imitation and mutual immersion in a way to become a self-sufficient, idea-producing, technology-selling society.

ÜÇGE R&D Center Director Serdar Şahin explanined the strategies of R&D and said “In the long-term R & D strategies of ÜÇGE, we focused on developing automation-oriented and competitive products for the future of retail, reducing the product costs with the developed designs and processes, developing the products and processes that reduce the carbon footprint in the developing world with high energy efficiency, improving the collaboration with universities, research centers and industry partnerships. In line with the vision of ÜÇGE and the strategies of sustainable competition, we will continue to move forward with a common synergy with all our departments with the aim of continuously adding value to the sectors we serve, our country and our world.